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Your Book Review: Lying for Money

Hidden Open Thread 277.5

Hypergamy: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Mantic Monday 5/22/23

Open Thread 277

Your Book Review: Cities And The Wealth Of Nations/The Question Of Separatism

Peer Review: Hypergamy - Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Why Is The Academic Job Market So Weird?

Galton, Ehrlich, Buck

Open Thread 276

Hidden Open Thread 275.5

Highlights From The Comments On Long COVID And Bisexuality

Highlights From The Comments On Housing Density And Prices

Constitutional AI: RLHF On Steroids

Open Thread 275

Berkeley Meetup This Saturday

Hidden Open Thread 274.5

Raise Your Threshold For Accusing People Of Faking Bisexuality

Replication Attempt: Bisexuality And Long COVID

Change My Mind: Density Increases Local But Decreases Global Prices

Open Thread 274

The Psychology Of Fantasy

Highlights From The Comments On Nerds And Hipsters

Mantic Monday 4/24/23

Open Thread 273

Hidden Open Thread 272.5

Links For April 2023

Contra Kriss On Nerds And Hipsters

Highlights From The Comments On IRBs

Open Thread 272

Book Review: From Oversight To Overkill

Spring Meetups Everywhere 2023

Open Thread 271

Book Review: The Arctic Hysterias

Hidden Open Thread 270.5

But Seriously, Are Bloxors Greeblic?

Most Technologies Aren't Races

Highlights From The Comments On Telemedicine Regulations

Open Thread 270

Hidden Open Thread 269.5

MR Tries The Safe Uncertainty Fallacy

The Government Is Making Telemedicine Hard And Inconvenient Again

Turing Test

Open Thread 269

Hidden Open Thread 268.5

Book Review: Paper Belt On Fire

Half An Hour Before Dawn In San Francisco

Open Thread 268

Why Do Transgender People Report Hypermobile Joints?

Are We All Doxastic Voluntarists?

Classifieds Thread 3/23

Why I Am Not (As Much Of) A Doomer (As Some People)

Open Thread 267

Links For March 2023

Open Thread 266.66666...

Give Up Seventy Percent Of The Way Through The Hyperstitious Slur Cascade

Issue Two Of Asterisk

Kelly Bets On Civilization

Open Thread 266

Impact Market Mini-Grants Update

Against Ice Age Civilizations

Memorize A Few Basic Numbers To Have Intuitions About Other Things

OpenAI's "Planning For AGI And Beyond"

Highlights From The Comments On Geography Of Madness

Open Thread 265

Announcing Forecasting Impact Mini-Grants

Book Review: What's Our Problem?

Book Review: The Geography Of Madness

Grading My 2018 Predictions For 2023

Open Thread 264

Declining Sperm Count: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Trying Again On Fideism

Contra Kavanagh On Fideism

Ro-mantic Monday 2/13/23

Open Thread 263

Hidden Open Thread 262.5

Links For February 2023

Henrietta Lacks Seems Like A Nice Person, But Not A Scientific Hero

Bonus Wisdom Of Crowds Analysis

Crowds Are Wise (And One's A Crowd)

Open Thread 262

Berkeley Meetup On Tuesday, Special Guest Daniel Ingram

Hidden Open Thread 261.5

Mostly Skeptical Thoughts On The Chatbot Propaganda Apocalypse

Book Review Contest Rules 2023

Response To Alexandros Contra Me On Ivermectin

Mantic Monday 1/30/2023

Open Thread 261

Hidden Open Thread 260.5

[Sneak Peek] Declining Sperm Count: Much More Than You Wanted To Know

Janus' Simulators

You Don't Want A Purely Biological, Apolitical Taxonomy Of Mental Disorders

Who Predicted 2022?

Open Thread 260

ACX Survey Results 2022

Hidden Open Thread 259.5

Which Political Victories Cause Backlash?

SSC Survey Results On Schooling Types

Open Thread 259

Hidden Open Thread 258.5

2023 Subscription Drive + Free Unlocked Posts

Conspiracies of Cognition, Conspiracies Of Emotion

Highlights From The Comments On The Media Very Rarely Lying

Stage 2 Of Prediction Contest

Open Thread 258

Hidden Open Thread 257.5

Even More Bay Area House Party

How Do AIs' Political Opinions Change As They Get Smarter And Better-Trained?

Open Thread 257